Our customers are extremely pleased with our service because we guide them through the decision making process

and provide them with step-by-step instructions to get their job started, this in turn allows Coastline Tile to

complete jobs on time and within the desired budget, which are the top two complaints in construction --delays & change orders.



Here is our 5 Step Process



1.     Visit Supplier Websites

Browse the websites of any or all of our trusted and recommended suppliers (from our website “Supplier” page). There you will find lots of the newest products, tips, design styles and ideas.

2.     Narrow Down What You Like

Print or take photos of the things you like, then try to categorize the things you like based upon the following below items (keeping in mind the area that the product will be installed and its surrounding areas).

3.     Design Style

Determine what is your design style, see the 7 listed design styles and samples on our website tab “Design Styles”.


Is the product going in a high traffic area? Is the product slippery and could create an injury zone? Will the product be ruined by stains or environmental moisture, etc.?

Appearance (Color, Size, and Finishes)

Do you draw towards the same color tones? Do you like shiny or flat? Do you like plain or intricate designs?

Budget - design on a dime or design on a line of credit

Establish a low and high project budget. What are the must haves in order to make the project worth doing at the lower budget? What are the upgrades that make it worth spending the higher end of the budget? Is design more important or higher-end quality of product?

4.     Visit Supplier Showrooms

Go visit one of the supplier showrooms, while you are there ask to meet with one of their designers - let them know that Coastline Tile referred you --and when you find a product you like have them provide you with samples and the specific product details (SKU, dimensions available, etc.).

5.     Call Coastline TileFrom here we take over

We will order the product & rough materials, schedule installation, demolition, install, and finally clean up all debris with our white-glove customer satisfaction guarantee.